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My name is Bruno Cintra and I am a multidiscipl...

Wait, no, an introduction like this just doesn't suit me.


If I really had to classify myself, it wouldn't be as a designer, art director, illustrator or director of a particular thing. I am a learner.


I don't believe we're here, stomping on this floating blue ball, which we call Earth, by chance. We are here to learn.


From developing a new pudding recipe or how to overcome the huge distances that separate us from exploring the universe, this constant learning reveals the beauty of our existence.


After 2 years working as an art director I decided to throw myself into an adventure: starting a clothing brand. Knowing absolutely nothing about fashion. Nor how to make clothes. Much less how to manage a business.


And it was quite an adventure, I can proudly say that I dressed more than 350,000 Brazilians in just the last 5 years.


But this business venture lately required more production energy than creative thinking. So I got out of my comfort zone and I decided to sell it.


And for this reason, I'm open. Open to learn new things, meet new people, do stupid and
funny things, share weird ideas and draw nice things and cool stuff.


I'm open for the next adventure.


Feel free to drop me a line at

ADC - Merit

Lürzer's Archive - 200 Best Digital Artists 2021

Red Dot (Germany)

A’ Design (Italy) - Gold

Indigo (Netherlands) - Gold

Motion Design Awards - Motion of the Day Communication Arts - Shortist




Proctor & Gamble





Diners Club


2011-2021  •

2010  •

2009  •

2009  •

Hermoso Compadre - Founder/Design Director

Grey - Art Director

F.Biz - Art Director

Agênciaclick (ISOBAR) - Art Assistent


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